Saturday, May 26, 2012

Upgrading Ice Cream Sandwich for Malaysians' Galaxy Note users


I got this information from

Its about how to update your Samsung Galaxy Note from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich.

1. Connect your Galaxy Note with your PC that you have installed Samsung Kies using the USB cable.
2. Go to the Tools and click on the Firmware upgrade settings.
3. The Latest firmware auto download settings will pop out. Click OK.
4. You will see the Caution part. The most important thing is, Please fully recharge your Note battery before upgrading. Well, I can't upgrade it the first time I try because my Note don't have full battery. The other things you can do the time you read it. After you have done following the 'rules' hehe, then just click for the I have read blablabla. And click Start Upgrade.
5. The Notice will pop out. "This update will install the Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" Operating System to your device. And so on. Then of course click the Next button.
6. The downloading part will start.
7. Yeay you are upgraded with Ice Cream Sadwich!!!

Okay, thank you. Weeee happy happy happy now!!! Have waited for ICS for a long time. Hushhh

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