Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Video for US, MALAYS

Its been a while since i last post something in this blog.
Hectic months. Internship is actually fun but i adapted to the environment too late i think.
Theres only 24 days left to my last day of internship!
How time fliessss! Teheee

Well I just want to share a video by Teraju (Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera).
Please watch this video dear my beloved friends.
Dan fahamkan makna tersirat tersurat whatsoever dalam video ini.

Dah berbulan video ni dimuat naik dalam youtube but of course, tak ramai yang sedar.
687 views since Aug 9, 2012?
Its okay, please do take a look. Watch it!

Aku rasa 100% betul apa yang dia cakap kan.
Please dont deny it.
Kita perlu ubah diri kita kan? And kita perlukan 'something' untuk menyedarkan kita.
First time i watched this video, i was like 'sumpah hoi terasa!'
Ah sorry. My grammar is not good. Sorry but i think you can understand it right? Hahaha. Ikut dalam video tu!

We have to take it in positive way. Jangan cepat melatah tengok video ini. Its reality!
Im sorry. I dont intend to offend anybody.

p.s.; dapat tahu video ni dari Social Development division in IRDA! Thanks a lot to them!

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